6 pounds in 6 weeks

I climbed onto my bathroom scales and upon seeing the digital numbers I cursed out loud. Surely not? Perhaps the scales were malfunctioning. Had somebody hand stitched lead weights into my clothing? I pondered whether getting a haircut would help with immediate weight loss or maybe cutting off my toenails or perhaps removing my contact lenses..... To be fair the idea of blurring those digital numbers with my badly impaired vision was hugely appealing. Despite running two half-marathons in the last two months and despite giving up drinking alcohol for several weeks those bad-boy digits displayed a significant increase in my weight. Not good.

So how had this happened? Where was I going wrong?

The truth was that over the last year my weight had been increasing incrementally month by month - in part a lot of this was due to emotional eating brought on by grief and depression. However I figured that I'd achieved my peak weight over this last month due to a lot of travelling combined with lots of high calorie food choices. I'd returned to the UK at Christmas and enjoyed a lot of delicious dinners; I'd then travelled to the US where big portions are to be found in many restaurants; I'd also attended an educational conference where they served us lots of yummy chocolate croissants for breakfast and endless cakes for lunch. I had not resisted any of these niceties and the proof was quite literally in the pudding that now protruded from my midriff.

So what's the plan?

In order to combat my increased girth I am going to start my very own online game called "6 pounds in 6 weeks" my mission is to shed at least one pound in weight every week and I am going to concentrate really hard on developing some good healthy eating habits. If you would like to join me please feel free to join in on Facebook, Twitter or just check in here on Mindwave.

The rules are pretty straightforward.

1. Weigh yourself on some bathroom scales first thing tomorrow morning.

2. Record your weight and measure your calves, thighs, hips, stomach, chest and upper arms.

3. Listen to my audio meditation for weight loss #1.

4. Check back here next week and let me know how you are doing. If you gained weight, you get zero points. If your weight is still the same, you get five points. If you lost a pound, you get ten points. All those scoring a maximum of sixty points will receive a special certificate of achievement at the end of the challenge. You'll also hopefully feel real nice. I'm looking forward to seeing you!

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