Who Makes You Smile? Are You a Ray of Sunshine?

man sunshine smile

Every morning as I drive to work there's a man who runs a little corner shop who often catches my eye. I've never actually spoken to this man but his smile is contagious and he will often raise his hand and wave at me as I drive past. After two or three months of his joyousness I stopped nodding at him politely and started waving back with a similar level of enthusiasm. He has actually become something of a ray of sunshine in my life. I don't know his name. I don't even know what he sells in his shop. But I do know that he makes me smile.

Today was my last day of work. For the last time I drove the route home past his corner shop but this time I stopped my car. He came scurrying over to greet me with his usual enthusiasm and shook my hand warmly. I smiled at him and said "Thank-you for making me smile every day. You are like a ray of sunshine on my drive to work." He looked a bit embarrassed, but I carried on. "It's my last day driving this route to work, but I wanted to stop and let you know that you have lifted my spirits every day." We shook hands. We smiled at each other and then I drove off in my car.

Maybe there's a ray of sunshine looking out for you as you commute to work, maybe there's a ray of sunshine in the supermarket working as a cashier or maybe YOU are the ray of sunshine who needs to brighten up someone else's day! #50daysofniceness