Screenbathing Keeps Me Awake at Night

screenbathing insomnia

I am sure that many of you have been there. At times I can't help myself. I have tried to make it stop, but time after time I fall back into bad habits. My hand automatically reaching out to make contact, to hold it, to feel it and to stare at it all night long with glazed over eyes.....

Unfortunately I am not describing a seductive lover or a night of passion, sadly the object of my affection is in fact my mobile phone. My mobile phone is now such an important part of my life that at times I wonder how I ever functioned without it. I am so attached to my mobile phone that I sometimes find myself missing out on real life because of my infatuation. Indeed a few nights ago I was having such a wonderful time scrolling through endless cute cat videos and rescued dog feeds that I even forgot to go to sleep. Much as I love my mobile phone, I have decided that our relationship needs new boundaries. This idea was supported when I read an article by the National Sleep Foundation that highlighted some of the worrying ways that technology impacts on our sleep.

Apparently playing with our treasured gadgets can keep our brains on full alert; their buzzing and pings can interrupt our peaceful slumber and the glare of the screen can suppress the production of melatonin (the hormone that controls our sleep cycle) - all making it a lot harder to have a restful night of deep sleep. So what's the solution? Try to "disconnect" yourself a good 30 to 60 minutes before beddy-byes. Take time to unwind and enjoy a relaxing bedtime routine. If possible consider how you could make your bedroom a tech-free zone. And who knows perhaps your efforts will result in a real-life seduction and non-simulated night of passion!