Remembering Dad through Art

In February 2017, my wonderful Dad died unexpectedly from a pulmonary embolism caused by deep-vein thrombosis. He was 74 and full of life and mischief. It was a terrible shock to all of us and left us feeling numb, empty and as though we existed in some kind of fog. In hindsight, I’m not exactly sure how I continued to function in my job as a teacher or indeed in any aspect of my life. The loss of my amazing Dad was a life-changing event. In July 2017, I began my summer break from school – it was more yearned for than in any other year. I was acutely aware that I would not be having my annual holiday with my Dad and I wasn’t sure how I’d cope. My younger sister had given me an art journal a few months previously and I figured it might help to create a book of arts and crafts as a tribute to our Dad. The following are some examples of the pages of artwork and memories that came together in what became a very special summer of remembering Dad.

The website Recover-from-grief has some lovely ideas to help heal through artwork.