How Do We Let People Know That We Love Them?

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As part of my #50daysofniceness challenge I tasked myself with telling someone that I loved them. My choice was obvious, who better than my beloved husband? I actually figured that this was an easy act of "niceness" because surely telling my husband how much I loved him was just part of my daily routine. With my intention set I pondered over the "great" and possibly elaborate moment when I would declare my love and successfully achieve my target of niceness........and that's when it really started to dawn on me. You see my husband gets up in the morning and the first thing he does is to feed all the pets. Whilst tending to the needs of the pets, he boils the kettle to make us both a coffee. A coffee which is frequently placed on my bedside table whilst I snooze and attempt to wake up. Sometimes he'll also cook a healthy omelette for us both. Every day before he leaves for work he will always seek me out to give me a kiss and a smile. I'm usually back from work before him, and as often as not I'll get a text message saying he's popping to the gym or picking up some groceries. He always takes the time to let me know his plans and to check if I need anything. I kind of take his little messages for granted, but as I reflected on the potential timing of my act of niceness, I figured maybe one "I love you" wasn't quite enough.

On opening the front door in the evening, myself and the pets hurried to greet him and that's when it struck me, it's often the little daily rituals that make for the deepest love. A fancy meal, a bunch of flowers, an elaborate romantic gesture - these things are all very lovely (and believe me when I say they are deeply appreciated), but actually the constant offerings of love throughout the day are what bring us the greatest depths of happiness. And so I'm writing this post this evening to celebrate the love that I have for an amazing husband and to thank-him from the bottom of my heart for all those cups of coffee that he brings me every morning! Tomorrow, I think I'll try and get up before him, bring him a coffee and with a huge smile I'll say: "I love you!" #50daysofniceness