Collaging An Inspirational Quote: Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

not all those who wander are lost

Over the past two years, I have created a dozen or so collages and I've found it to be one of my favourite forms of expressive art. The collage above was one of my first attempts at collaging, it was super simple to make and so much fun.

I started by cutting up a map of where I live. The map was from an old Yellow Pages book and I loved that the colours were so bright and vibrant. Assembling the background was easy and didn't really require any "artistic" skills - I simply cut, glued and "played" whilst laying out the various pieces.

The inspirational quote is something of a personal mantra. I love to walk long distance trails and on several occasions I have got lost, but I somehow always managed to find my way. This resonates with my life journey in general! I often wander off the trail, but I always manage to find a way through. The quote was also appropriate given the background of the map.

To create the lettering, I simply pencilled a large scale outline of the quote in my own handwriting and then "fattened-up" the lettering to create chunky stencils. I cut out the lettering and then drew around the stencil templates. The bright yellow acrylic paint felt appropriate against the backdrop of brilliant blue.

Collage is a wonderful way to express our emotions and collaging an inspirational quote is a great way of getting started.