A Dog's Tale

Last week I met with my wonderful friend Adrianna and her two dogs Lucky and Donny, I was amazed to see the change in Donny, he's come such a long way in such a short time. This is his story:

Donny - the gentlest of dogs dog rescue

My name is Donny. I am a black and white border collie mix and I grew up a stray. Nobody wanted me. I quickly learned to keep away from humans. I got badly kicked by a man one day and there were a few times when kids would throw stones at me.

In the summer of 2014 I found a quiet neighbourhood and took to hanging out with some other stray dogs. There was safety in numbers, but sometimes things got rough. I was kind of bottom of the pack. I guess I was just a frightened youngster and timid too. Whilst on the streets I noticed this kind looking lady. She had a little male dog that she called Lucky. I used to see her with Lucky and I wished that I could be owned and loved like that. Sometimes the lady made a move to approach me, but I would run away. I was too scared to trust. Too scared of getting hurt. But despite my fears, I kind of took to following the lady when she was out on her walks. I always kept my distance, but I knew she noticed me and I loved the way the little dog looked at her. He was always wagging his tail and the way she petted him, it made me think that perhaps some humans were OK. On September 6th 2014 I followed the lady further than usual and then I guess a scent wafted towards my nose. I was always on the look-out for food. I was always hungry. I figure I wasn’t really paying attention. I knew about the road and I knew about the cars, but that morning I was just too preoccupied. The car came out of the blue. It hit me hard. I remember everything in a blur and then the most excruciating pain in my right eye. I recalled the car driving off at speed and the sound of my own whimpering howl. I fled in terror. Time seemed to stand still and minutes turned into hours. My whole body ached and I couldn’t see through my injured eye. I lay licking my paws and trying to find comfort. Then I remember seeing the lady’s concerned face with my one good eye. She had a man with her from the Department of Agriculture and although I was afraid, I felt too weak to even try to escape. I let them take me. They took me for urgent medical attention and the vet told the lady that miraculously my only injury was an eye trauma from that initial impact. The vet said that the eye would need surgery and that it was an expensive procedure. The vet said it probably made more sense to put me down since I was a stray. The lady looked at me and she said “No, I can’t let that happen.” She looked at me with the same love that she always gave to the little dog. Although I was terrified I somehow knew this lady would keep me safe and she did.

Donny at the beach dog rescue

It’s been over two years since the lady rescued me and I’ve never looked back. An awesome charity called C.A.R.E. assisted with my medical care and I made it through the surgery in one piece. Every day I got a bit stronger both physically and emotionally. The lady was so kind and gentle and it wasn’t long before Lucky and me became like brothers. The lady even convinced me to start walking on a leash. She tells me I’m a loyal and loving dog. Although I’m still a bit wary of strangers, the lady has taught me that not all humans wish me harm.

Thank-you to my beautiful friend Adrianna for making a difference. #50daysofniceness