My Half-Marathon Training Update

Well I’ll be honest, I haven’t quite followed my training plan with the discipline that I’d hoped for. Instead of the suggested 6 miles of running, I’ve managed three one mile jogs/walks. I’ve also consumed three units of alcohol – two glasses of red wine on Friday evening and one mimosa on Saturday (sigh). There is good news though, I am proud of myself for getting off my bottom and managing to at least start my training plan and I'm also pleased as there have been notable improvements in my timings: Jog 1 = 17 minutes & 20 seconds Jog 2 = 15 minutes & 35 seconds

Marathon Training

Jog 3 = 14 minutes & 44 seconds

Next week I am going to try and build on my efforts and replace naughty alcoholic beverages with mint leaves, slices of cucumber, lime juice & soda water. I can do this.

Week 2

A great start to the week with a 2 mile run on Tuesday evening. I was dripping with sweat and there was a considerable amount of chafing, but I was super pleased with my efforts and even more so with the consistency of my pace. 14 minutes & 4 seconds for mile one and 14 minutes & 42 seconds for mile two. The rest of the week was less successful in terms of making time for my shorter runs, but I was determined to try and do a longer run at the weekend. This morning I managed 3 miles in 44 minutes and 40 seconds. I was so pleased & managed a little happy dance once I was back home! Mile 1 = 14 minutes & 40 seconds Mile 2 = 14 minutes & 18 seconds Mile 3 = 15 minutes & 42 seconds I'm also trying to be a lot more careful about what I eat and it's paying off, in 9 days I have managed to drop 0.9 kg - that's nearly 2lbs. I am now weighing 72.6 kg (11 stone 6 pounds). It's probably best if we don't mention the wine.