Collages for the Soul

Soul Collage

A few years ago I attended a number of SoulCollage® workshops. The memory of these sessions sticks strongly in my mind as I found them to be very helpful tools that provided me with great insights into the current state of my well-being. The concept of SoulCollage® was developed by Seena Frost and further developed in her private practice of psychotherapy. In the sessions that I attended we were firstly encouraged to meditate on a collection of images taken from magazine clippings. We then selected our images and worked with them to create our own unique collages that we arranged on uniform sized cards. Afterwards we carried out an exercise with a partner where we talked about the cards that we had created and what they meant to us in terms of our own lives using the starting point: "I am one who...." The cards were used intuitively to answer life's questions and help us express ourselves. I have subsequently used the ideas behind SoulCollage® as a tool to help me express myself when words were not enough. Making collages is a great way for those of us who are "afraid" of art to start working more expressively with visual medias. For anyone interested SoulCollage® offers a number of online classes.